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I called it as.. my lifestyle diary to refresh my feelings, or maybe it’s a public journal about me but also with something like my everyday outfits.

I made my public diary on December 7th 2014

After spent years on instagram, twitter, polyvore, blogger, tumblr, etc. I feel like I have to create my own organize space to express my mind and my feelings about whatever comes into my life.

This is the place where I get comfortable with my laptop and my hot chocolatte, then come up an idea what-to-write today. My mind will easily write about inspirations, projects, articles.

I’ve been inspired by so many many bloggers out there. I made a promise to myself to be one of them one day in my life.

Why I named it I am Zehr? Well, It’s because I want to showing off ‘who I am’, ‘what I wore’, and ‘my very-me style’. My blog is 75% containing fashion posts. But however, I’ll write about anything else. Let’s just have a cup of hot chocolatte (my fav!) and enjoy!

XOXO, Zehr.

P.S. Thank you so much for every comment you wrote! It’s such a big motivation for me to keep going! 🙂

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