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The week-off is still on going, and honestly I miss my everday tasks. too bad. So, I was about planning my to-do list. Let me tell you some truth that… everytime I wrote my to-do lists, it ain’t happening the way I planned. And badly, my parents went out of the city and left me & my bro alone. For 2 days. It sucks cause it means that I can’t go anywhere anytime…

Current music playlist:

  • Back To Home – Tristan Prettyman
  • Say Anything – Tristan Prettyman
  • Come Clean – Tristan Prettyman
  • I Was Gonna Marry You – Tristan Prettyman
  • Red Face – Lucy Rose
  • Our Eyes – Lucy Rose
  • Night Bus – Lucy Rose
  • Lines – Lucy Rose
  • Shiver – Lucy Rose
  • Middle of The Bed – Lucy Rose
  • Scar – Lucy Rose
  • Bikes – Lucy Rose
  • Be Alright – Lucy Rose

I’m obsessed with Lucy Rose’s music. Her voice is so soft and it fits to my ears. I totally love her! And… Tristan Prettyman’s songs are very good! I love the guitars on her song, Back To Home!


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