Day-off Made Us Walk to Braga.


Back in Sunday, I traveled with my mother…

Before we walked over the Asian-African Monuments, Merdeka Buildings.

IMG_2478 COPYThe old’ theater. Sooo authentic place.

IMG_2476 COPYWhat’s the text above? ……………………It’s okay, cause I don’t speak Dutch…


IMG_2482 COPYSo we went like around 9 am. We took public transportations. At first, we actually wanted to visit Dago for Car Free Day, but unfortunately we were really really late. So It didn’t happen. But it still ended up well.

My mom asked me to have breakfast. So we ate some Padang Foods at Dago. It was pretty crowded, but the delicious foods truly made senses. As we finally got there, The Asian-African Street, It looked pretty crowded by the traffic jam. There were also so many people taking pictures and stuff (which I did too!).

The building was quite heritage place. I can imagine how it looked like back in the 50s to the 80s. It must be amazing to turn back time and feel the fresh-vintage air back there!

The Dutches building felt more as we reached Braga Street. We walked fastly as usual. My mom took a lot of pictures. But I’m very sorry that in fact, I only could show a few pictures above because the internet really is sucks here.

SO yea, that’s a few review for today’s article.

P.S. There’s something more! Soon… And outfit post coming up soon!

XOXO, Zehr

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