Ohh, look at her lips!

IMG_1816 (copy)I looove playing with colors! especially on my lips!

IMG_1823 (copy)

IMG_1820 (copy)1.  Maybelline, Mauve Berry 06 watershine pure

2. NARS, Shanghai Express

3. MAC, Chelsea Matte 131

4. Viva Lipstick number 7

5. Maybelline, Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry

 I totally freaked-out with the Chelsea Matte 131 by Mac. The color really touches my skin-tones and it’s pretty good for a day out! 🙂 Anddd.. for the red one! The color’s just soo playful, it goes with any outfits! Red is basically my neutral color, and it’s a proof because my lipstick showed it.

It’s so sad I can’t wear ANY make up (except for lip balm…) for my daily daytime to school 🙁 Well, I still can wear them anytime on weekends though, hehe 😉 Mm.. It makes me want to go out with the red touch on my lips right now.. I cannot wait! Have a great day folks!

XOXO, Zehr.


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